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WMS Remodel Information

We're proud of the many environmentally aware features incorporated into our new facility. Read on about being GREEN!

Rainwater Harvesting

When it rains, the water is collected into a cistern that holds tohousands of gallons of water that is then filtered and used to flush our toilets. The tank is located underground outside the north window in the 8th grade wing. When the cistern runs dry, it switches over to city water automatically.


Each of our classrooms has an abundance of natural daylight. Studies have shown that this lighting can actually improve student learning. We may not even need to use the lights at all on many days. Additionally, all the classrooms are equipped with automatic light sensors that turn on when the room is occupied and turn off when it is not to save electricity.

Natural Ventilation

Indoor air quality is very important. Our building uses a natural ventilation system that draws fresh air into the building all day. With windows that open and assist fans to help draw the air through the room, the temperatures should be easy to monitor and comfortable at all times.

Green Power

Solar panels will be installed on the roof for a project that is designed to test their effectiveness. It is an experiment that will be monitored for its effectiveness and data sent to the state for review.

Water Conservation

Dual flush toilets are part of each bathroom with a half flush and full flush, depending on the need. Infrared fixtures turn on automatically only when hands are present under the faucet.


The construction of this building included "low VOC" materials, or those that have minimal to no toxic odors and residues. Many materials were made from recycled products. bathrooms have electric hand dryers to save paper. Additionally, efforts were made to sue fewer materials for finishes. The concrete floors and the open structure ceilings are an example of this.

Sustainable Site

The site includes a storm water rentntion system and bioswales that will support a water-wise garden near the front curved seat wall. The cedar tree in the front of the school that had to be cut down for the project was milled and benches were constructed to place in the hallways.