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WMS Parent/Family/Community Partnership Statement

Washington Middle School recognizes that a child's education is a responsibility shared by the school and family during the entire period the child spends in school. To support the goal of the school to educate all students effectively, the schools, parents and community must work as knowledgeable partners. This partnership is an integral component of a quality education program and has a positive impact on student achievement.

Although parents are diverse in culture, language, and needs, they share the school's commitment to the educational success of their children. Washington Middle School, in collaboration with families and community agencies, shall establish programs and practices that enhance parent and community involvement and reflect the specific needs of students and their families.

Washington Middle School is committed to the development, implementation, and regular evaluation of a parent involvement program, which will involve parents at all grade levels in a variety of roles. The parent involvement programs will be comprehensive and coordinated in nature. They will include, but not be limited to, the following components of successful parent involvement programs:

Communication between home and Washington Middle School is regular, two-way, and meaningful.

-This includes outreach to ensure participation of families lacking literacy skills, communication impairment, or for whom English is not their primary language.
-WMS also recognizes diverse family structures; circumstances and responsibilities may impede participation and will strive to overcome some of the barriers for these families.
-WMS is committed to regular exchange of information with families about the standards their children are expected to meet, the educational program objectives, assessment procedures, and the children’s participation and progress

Responsible parenting is promoted and supported.
Parents play an integral role in assisting student learning at school and at home.
Parents are welcome at Washington Middle School, and their support and assistance are sought.
Parents are full partners in the decisions that affect children and families.
Community resources (social service and health agencies) are made available to strengthen and support school programs, family practices, and student learning.

The district and building administration supports professional development opportunities for staff members to enhance understanding of effective involvement strategies with diverse families. They also recognize the importance of administrative leadership in setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to parental participation. Additionally, the Board of Education supports this at the district level in OSD Board Policy 4265.

Engaging parents has a positive impact on improving student achievement. Students and schools will benefit by parents, community members and staff members forming positive relationships as they work together.