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Last Week of School

Monday:  Weather Fronts (Links below).  Turn in at the end of the period

Take this quiz Heat Energy Transfer '17 when you are done...write your answers in your notebook.  Check your answers with MS BURROUGHS when done.Here are some practice quizzes:  #1   #2  #3

Tuesday:  CCR Quiz, Climate Change Online Activity

Wednesday:  Finish online activity

Thursday:  Finish anything not finished

Friday:...So long, and thanks for all the fish.

GLOBAL WINDS LINKS:  Download this to use the links on the word doc

Link 1 Global Winds

Link 2 Purpose Games

Link 3 Air mass 

Link 4 Air Mass Types

Link 5 Fronts

Link 6 Review Game

Link 7 Create A Cane

Conduction-Convection-Radiation Heat Energy Transfer PPT   Use this powerpoint to take notes, annotate drawings and watch videos 



Quiz on Heat NRG Transfer next Tuesday

We will basically have three/four more assignments  this year:

Friday & Monday: Air Masses & Fronts 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:  Climate Change Webquest

In addition, students will graph and answer questions regarding weather data they have been collecting.  And they will turn in Opening Activity Set #15 next week.

I will include links to the assignments above as we get to them. 



Investigation 4 Quick Quiz Link


Investigation 1-3 Retake - you need to have completed the assignment on the ck12.org site listed below in order to have your retake count.


Retakes for Inv 1-3 Quiz will happen on Friday during class - you must join Burroughs Science at this link https://www.ck12.org/join/group/?access, sign in using your school google account. - Complete the readings, watch the videos and take the sample quizzes on this site.  A report will be generated that I will check prior to the quiz on Friday.

Monday - Students wrapped up the online simulation on density and buoyancy.  HERE is the Guide Sheet for this investigation.

Tuesday:  Investigating density and heat; begin reading "Density."  Here is the reading guide and here is the actual reading text 

Wednesday:  Video:  Earth from Space

Thursday:  Complete reading guide from Tuesday; Practice density 

Friday:  Quiz Quiz on density; Convection currents in atmosphere

Density Quiz Practice #1

Density Quiz Practice #2



Link for PART A:  PhET Density

Link for PART B:  PhET Buoyancy

Week of May 30 - June 2

Tuesday:  Liquid Layer Lab - students investigated layering liquids

Wednesday:  Wrapped up the liquid layer lab and wrote a CER paragraph using the idea of differing densities to explain the layering

Thursday:  Introduced concept of density and calculating density



Week of May 22 thru May 26

Monday:  Periods 1 & 2 completed a trip through the atmosphere using Elevator to Space.  Handout attached HERE.

Also started reading What's in the Air? The reading HERE.  Reading Guide HERE

Tuesday:  Video:  Earth the Power of the Planet - Atmosphere with video guide HERE

Wednesday:  Pressure Indicator Lab   This video  shows what happens to the air pressure inside the jar and this video shows what we did in class

Thursday:  What is Air Pressure? Rdg     

Friday:  Students worked in groups with the reading from yesterday to complete the two student handouts:  

 "What is Air Pressure?"  and "Earth's Atmosphere"




Week Of 5/8-5/12

 1)  PhET Energy SKate Park

2)  PhET Energy Skate Park Handout

3)  PhET NRG Skate Park PPT

4) Coaster Creator Link

5) Coaster Creator Handout

 We will be done working on the Energy Skate Park Assignment and the Coaster Creator after Wednesday.  If students want to complete the assignments for full credit, they will have to do this at home or before/afterschool.

 FRIDAY 5/5:  Good Morning Folks :)  Please be respectful to your teacher today...she is a friend of mine...she can text me at any time...just saying :)

1.   WAVES FINAL LINK Good luck, although you shouldn't need luck MsB

2. PhET Energy SKate Park  On the white MacBooks, the Energy Skate Park can be directly accessed by clicking on that link in the bottom right side of the dock (looks like the Safari icon)...it will be easier and faster.  BE SURE it is really Energy Skate Park and NOT Energy Skate Park Basics!

3.  If you were gone yesterday, here is OA #10 we turned them in so you should finish it and turn your OA set #12 in to the turn in basket.



5/2: Waves Post Test Friday....Waves Post Test (Final) Study Guide - use your 3rd Qtr SNB and 4th Qtr SNB to review information.  The final will be multiple choice, choosing true statements, and labeling wave diagram.  

4/26 Monday:  Exploring how information can be sent via optic fibers.  Students use Morse code to send messages to another group through an optic fiber. 

4/25  Tuesday:  Exploring the differences between AM and FM radio waves. 

4/26 Wednesday: Return Inv. 3 tests via gmail.  There are no retakes, but students may make test corrections.  HERE is a handout explaining how test corrections should be done.  We also began to work through this online activity: Khan Academy Tutorial Color Science




Investigation 3 Test E


Investigation 3 Test T


Investigation 3 Test A



4/17 Monday:  Turn in reading from last week, turn in color investigation from last week

4/18 Tuesday:  Completed the Refraction Test Investigation.

Test on Thursday Test Study Guide

Quiz #1

Quiz Practice #2 - some of these questions we didn't cover so only focus on ones we have

Quiz #3

 EM Spectra Reading (HERE)     "Reflecting on Light"  (pdf HERE)       HERE is the glossary of terms




 Click on the link for the test Letter you were given!


Investigation 3 Test E


Investigation 3 Test T


Investigation 3 Test A

4/11 Tuesday: EM Spectra Reading (HERE) and Reading Guide (HERE)

4/12 Wednesday:  Continued with EM Spectra Reading; Video "Intro to Electromagnetic Spectrum"

4/13 Thursday:  Investigated Color using filters.  Handout for the lab is HERE



 3/27 Monday:  Students are wrapping up our sound investigation:  They are completing the PhET Sound Investigation - Handout HERE;  adding on to their Waves Word Bank (HERE is the glossary of terms)  If time today they can watch these:  Ted Ed videos;  Sonic Boom and Guitar Video and watch this one too - it's good:  The Doppler Effect, Big Bang Theory Style

Tuesday:  Began Investigation 3 - Light Waves.  Students used lasers and mirror to investigate properties of light - light moves in a straight line called rays and light reflects.

Wednesday:  Students investigated the angles that light makes in a mirror - angle of incidence and angle of reflection.  They measured these angles and found the relationship between the two angles.

Thursday:  Reading "Reflecting on Light"  (pdf HERE)  The reading guide is HERE  

Ted Ed videos;  Sonic Boom and Guitar Video and watch this one too - it's good:  The Doppler Effect, Big Bang Theory Style  The question sheet is HERE

End of quarter catch up for the rest of the period...

Friday:  Lazer Maze Games!






Comparison of Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

Properties of Waves

Reminder of how to calculate frequency and velocity 

 MARCH 13-17

3/13 MONDAY:  Big note day - SNB notes here  NEED SHOEBOX!!

3/14 TUESDAY:  Investigating how engineers solve problems - pick up a handout when you come to school

3/15 WEDNESDAY:  Reading "TNB" a pdf can be downloaded HERE   Complete the reading guide HERE

March 6-10 - Waves Quizlet

3/6 MONDAY:  Waves 1st Link     Improved Waves 2nd Link (PhET)

3/7 TUESDAY:  Day 2 of Internet Safety

3/8 WEDNESDAY:  Students investigated how to find the velocity/speed of waves.  They used the springs to create waves and then measured amplitude, wavelength and calculated frequency and velocity.

3/9 THURSDAY:  Returned to Monday's online simulations The guide for the online simulations is HERE  Also, students have homework - the handout for the homework is HERE

3/10  FRIDAY:  Today students watched a short video on ocean waves  called "The Science of Big Waves."  The link for the video is HERE- The video guide  is HERE




Information for the week of Feb. 28-March 3

Here are the downloads and links for the final that is scheduled for next Tuesday (2/28/17).  I would prefer students just review the key ideas, look through the summary and maybe try the practice test.  Please do not "cram" for the final, memorize terms, or make flashcards, etc.  Try for one hour of review and see how you do...of course, you can always do more if you need to.

Chemical Interactions Key Ideas

Investigations Summaries - sorry I cut and pasted the investigations out of order...entropy happens.

Chem Interaction Practice Test

ChemInt Practice Test Answer Key


Wednesday:  Reading "How Atoms Rearrage and Organic Compounds"  Here is the reading guide handout


Site #1:  PhET Balancing Chemical Equations (Here is a version for Windows HTML 5)

Site# 2:  Balancing 10 Chemical Equations

Site #3:  Balancing Chemical Equations Battleship!!

Info for Feb. 13-17

Monday:  Inv 9 Intro - Atoms and Substance Models.  Here are the notes NOTES, and here is the handout HANDOUT

Tuesday:  Reviewed yesterday; watched How Small is an Atom?

Wednesday:  Reviewed chemical reactions - Limewater Investigation

Thursday:  Reviewed Limewater Investigation - introduced Chemical Equations and balancing chemical equations

Notes for Wednesday and Thursday SNB

Video explaining what we started today

Friday:  Completed the Balance Practice Worksheet from yesterday.  Check you answers using this site. Chem Balancer Online

Balance Chemical Equations Practice Worksheet

 Students used PhET Balancing Chemical Equations (Mac Version) (Windows Version) - if they can get 5 stars in all levels they earn a stamp.  At home they can screen shot or take pic with phone and show me next week.

Information for the short week of Feb. 8-10

Test on Phase Change this FRIDAY

Practice Quiz #1

Practice Quiz #2 (#2 and #13 are not something you should know.)

Review Game - play while you review

Another review game - includes endothermic (absorbs NRG)  and exothermic (releases NRG)

Jeopardy Game for phase change

Check this out too (phase change graphs)


ReRead  Rock Solid  



Information for the week of January 23-27

Read Rock Solid   Here is the reading guide

Video Guide for "How Stuff Works: Salt"

Here is the youtube link:  How Stuff Works: Salt

Back of the video guide handout

Information for the week of January 17-20

Tuesday:  Complete the reading guide and PhET activity from last week...look at last Thursday and Friday for the links.

Wednesday:  Began investigation into Phase Change

Thursday:  Investigation 8-1 - Melting Temperatures:  students are tasked with finding the melting points of 3 substances

Friday:  Quick Quiz (15 Points)...Here are the main points

 For the quiz on Friday, You should know the following terms: mixture, solution, solubility, solute, solvent, insoluble and concentration

 You should also be able to identify examples of each term…like sugar is a solute while water is a solvent.

 You should be able to explain how to separate a mixture of water, insoluble substances, and soluble substances…similar to what we did in class.

 You should be able to describe the role of KE in dissolving a solute

 You should be able to explain this statement: “A solution can be a mixture, but NOT all mixtures are solutions”

  1) Read through your science notebook      2) Re-read How Things Dissolve   "How Things Dissolve"  

 3) Review what you learned with the PhET activity Sugar & Salt Solutions   Sugar & Salt Simulation

 4)  Investigation 7 Quizlet





Information for week of January 9-13

Monday: Introduce Mixture Investigation; brainstormed ways of identifying the mixture substances; Notes on Mixtures & Solutions

Tuesday:  Filtered mixture and set up evaporation trays for soluble solution; began reading "How Things Dissolve"

Wednesday:  Examined substances from yesterday, compared to 1st quarter science notebooks - 

Thursday:  CER for this weeks lab; completed the reading guide for "How Things Dissolve"  Sugar & Salt Simulation

Friday:  Here is the PhET Guide for Sugar & Salt Solutions

Information for the week of January 3-6

Tuesday:  Students started working on Investigation 5 test - it is open notebook, lab partner test.  If student is absent, talk with Ms Burroughs

Wednesday:  Students cont'd/finished working on open notebook test.

Thursday:  Begin Inv. 7 - Solutions

 Information week of Dec. 12-16

Monday:  Internet Safety lesson

Tuesday  Completed Calculating Energy Transfer - A & B; notes on calculating calories

Wednesday:  Part 1 Engineering Design - Making the perfect coffee mug! - Collecting data

Thursday:  Part 2 Engeering Design - Using data, design the perfect mug Wrapped up Part 1 and worked on Heat Practice A&B

Friday:  Wrap up 

Information for the week of Dec. 5 - 9

Monday:  NOVA  Absolute Zero

Tuesday:  Complete the Energy Transfer Online Assignment; began reading Energy on the Move - students take two-column notes

 Information for the week of Nov. 27-Dec2

Monday:  Students investigated temperature change when mixing hot and cold water.  They created a math formula for calculating temperature final when mixing equal amounts of hot and cold water:  Th + Tc/2...temp. of hot water plus temp. of cold water divided by 2.  Basically, temperature final is the average when mixing equal amounts of water

Tuesday: Students investigated the energy transfer occurring by placing cold water in a flask inside a beaker of hot water.  They recorded temperature of both hot and cold until the temperatures of both waters was the same.  They should graph this data for homework.

Wednesday:  Students analyzed their graphing from the night before.  We took notes (copy here).  Students also began planning an investigation to determine the relationship among NRG transferred when using different masses of water at different temperatures.

Thursday:  Students carried out their investigation on how mass  affect the temperature final of water.  Graphing should be done for tomorrow

Friday:  Link to FOSS:  Absolute Zero

 Information for the week of Nov. 21-22

Monday:  Returned tests - students completed a test analysis sheet that should be returned tomorrow.  Retakes are available, students will need to complete a retake ticket.  Retakes begin next Tuesday before/after school.

 Information for the week of November 14-18

We will be having a summative test on Investigation 4 on Friday, November 18  

1)Investigation 4 Quizlet , 2) Here is a powerpoint with notes we took in class, 3) "Particles in Motion" Reading (pgs 23-27)   4) Cliff Notes Inv.4 5) Cute Eureka video on expansion & contraction 6) Study Guide for Inv 4

 Monday:  Students turned in OA set #4 and completed the PhET Gas Properties activity

PhET Simulation Activity   Here is the handout for the PhET Activity

Tuesday:  Investigating the heating and cooling of water:  Do liquids expand, compress and/or contract like gasses? Here is an online explanation and here

Wednesday:  We wrapped up yesterday's investigation heating and cooling liquids...and then looked at heating and cooling a solid.  Here is a online multimedia that illustrates.

Thursday:  Reviewed Response Sheet; Kahoots Game Review; Homework is to complete the reading guide for "Particles in Motion" Reading 

 Information for the week of November 4-7

 (Remember 1/2 day Thursday & no school Friday)

This week will be exploring/investigating gas properties even more.  Students will use a website call PhET Interactive Simulations to manipulate the variables that affect the behaviour of gases:  temperature, pressure & volume.

PhET Simulation Activity

Investigation 4 Quizlet 

 Information for the week of October 31 - November 4

Here are a couple of videos that show some demos I did last week in class

Marshmallow in a Vacuum Chamber

Particles in Motion Reading...this would be very helpful for students to read through at home if they are feeling not sure of concepts in class!!

Here is a powerpoint with notes we took in class

Monday:  Watched BNSG - Pressure

Tuesday: Heating and cooling air investigation Here is a helpful article regarding heating and cooling of air

Wednesday:  1/2 day

Thursday:  Continued with heating and cooling air investigation

Friday: Final presentations of heating and cooling air - Notes on Kinetic Energy (KE)




Information for the week of October 24 - 28

 Monday:  We revisited the blue and gray cube we investigated last week.  Today we used a bubble from bubble wrap in our closed syringe system.  Here is a copy of the notes we took for the Bubble Investigation, and here is a copy of the reading that goes with the Cube & Bubble Investigation.

Information for the week of October 17-21

Here is a list of concepts that students should be expected to know and explain by Friday for a quiz on Investigation 3

Here are my Cliff Notes for Investigation 3 -  Kind of designed for parents but students might find it helpful.

Quizlet Investigation 3    Investigation Reading Guide pages

This week students are focusing on the behavior of gases.  

Monday we played around with closed syringe systems and made observations on what happens when students pushed and pulled on the syringe plunger.

Tuesday - students turned in their Element Block and used the FOSS website to model the air in a syringe.  Here is the website link - username:  msb3rd  password:  Bacon123   Here is the guide sheet for this activity.

Wednesday - Reviewed yesterday's online activity.  Wrote definitions for the words compress, expand, pressure, force - students completed this response sheet. Here is the air notes powerpoint I showed in class.

Information for the week of Oct. 11 - 14

To wrap up the Periodic Table Investigation, each student is in charge of making a 15cm X 15 cm element block for our big periodic table in the hallway.  Here is the handout for research and requirements.  And, here are several great websites to help with the research:  The Elements  Jefferson Lab

This Project is due Tuesday, October 18...however, I suggest students complete it sooner rather than later!!


Students started investigating energy and matter this week.  We started with an uncommon phenomena - the tanker car implosion.  Students must use only evidence they have collected from investigations in class to explain how this phenomena occurs.  Here is the handout explaining the goals and challenge. 

 Information for the week of October 3 -7

This week students will be investigating the Periodic Table of the Elements.  For Friday, students will need to be able to tell me the atomic number, element symbol and element name for the first 15 elements AND if they want an A will need to know 5 more of their choice.

Tuesday:  Element Reading Guide  and here are the pages from the Chemical Interaction Textbook:  The Elements and here is Page 15

Here are some online tools to help with getting to know the PToE

 Elements 1-20 quizlet

Elements 1-60 quizlet

Super Challenge and Practice the spelling too

The New Periodic Table Song

DM and the Periodic Table Video


Random element quiz

Another random element quiz


Information for the week of September 26-30

This week students will be completing their investigation into the unknown mixture.  Last week they focused on physical properties, this week they will focus on chemical properties.  They will be performing confirmation and evaporation tests on at least 6 mixtures to determine which combination is the most likely match to the unknown mixture.  I will add assignments through the week as we progress.

Students should be sure their white substance data chart is complete and checked off!!  Here is a pdf of the white substance information.( pdf to find the uses for each of the white substances)

Tuesday/Wednesday depending on time:  ReRun Form - students will use this form to think about and reflect on what we have been doing, why, and what we have found out.  


Information for the week of September 19-23

This week students are using the properties of substances to identify the two substances in an unknown mixture.  Most of the work for this week occurs in class as they will be doing hands on investigations.  Students should be checking skyward to be sure they have completed last weeks assignments:  Lab Safety Scenarios and the Lab Safety Assignment

Students should be completing a "White Substance Chart"  The first 4 columns are completed in class, some students may need to finish the "uses" column.  They can use this pdf to find the uses for each of the white substances

 Information for the week of Sept. 12-1

Students are working on understanding the science lab safety rules.  Unfortunately, I will be out of the class Wed. - Friday.  Students will have a lab safety assignment and will work on that in class.

There will be a quiz on the lab safety assignment on Friday!!

Lab Safety Rules for the Science Notebook

Lab Safety Scenarios

Lab Safety Assignment  

Here is an online thing to practice safety rules with

Here is another online thing to practice safety  rules with

Practice Quiz - note some of the rules may not be on our sheet but are good to know anyway

Another practice Quiz : ) 

 Information for the week of Sept. 7-9

Students will be receiving the following handouts this week.  Both the parent letter and the safety contract should be signed by a parent/guardian

Parent Letter

Safety Contract