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Energy Stuff

Electricity Help

All About Circuits

Physics Companion - easy to follow electricity/circuit info

NDT Electricity On-line Info

Washington State Standards

Energy info  Even more NRG info

Physics4Kids:  a lot of general info that is easy to read and has practice quizzes

Energy Quest: great reference to support concepts in class

Sun to Source NRG transformations

Variety of BrainPOP Movies: these are quick general animated movies that explain many science things More BrainPOP movies/  Slightly different list of BrainPOP movies:
current electricity;  Color;  Eye;  Waves;  Kinetic NRG;  Forms of NRG;  Potential NRG

Energy Skate Park Phet Interactive

PhET Circuit Construction Kit (DC)

Electric Circuits practice

Thermal/Heat Quiz: practice concepts of heat transfer PE/KE Quiz   Forms of NRG quiz practice Waves Quiz

Forms NRG Quiz

Some students asked about the number of atomic bombs that have been detonated....this shows you