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7th & 8th Grade Tech Arts Syllabus

Instructor: Brian Morris

Classroom Expectations:

    * Learn to read a working drawing.
    * Learn to visualize objects and draw them from an idea using the following types of drawing techniques: Orthographic, Isometric, Oblique, and Perspective.
    * Learn and design with SketchUp, 3D modeling software. Learn and become proficient with Layout, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
    * Learn and use the Design Process.
    * Design a project that you will build or to be printed in the 3D printer.  Students will also have the option of using the laser engraver on their projects.
    * Pass written safety tests (general and machine).
    * Demonstrate proper machine use to instructor.
    * Learn to figure project costs.
    * Work responsibly on individual and/or group projects in the shop and in the computer lab.
    * Respect and cooperate with other students.
    * Respect other students projects, machines and tools.
    * Participate in all class activities with a positive attitude.

All students will be required to take all safety tests and then will choose a project of their own design or from an existing plan to draw in SketchUp. Eighth graders (who had me for Tech Arts last year) will be considered advanced students and  will have the option of designing their own project or choosing from a set of advanced plans.   These plans will then be drawn in SketchUp and then put into an orthographic view with Layout.

This year twice a week the Tech Arts class will be in the computer lab to learn and design your projects using SketchUp 3D modeling software, Layout, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


Grades will be based on students individual effort and quality on assignments/projects, quizzes and class participation/behavior. Each of these will be assigned a point value and the total points earned at the end of the quarter will determine your grade. Each student will start with 100 participation/behavior points. These points can be lost by not cooperating or being off task in class. You cannot get these points back once they are lost.

Points are weighted in five areas:

30%--Computer Lab/SketchUp Efficiency

Students are expected to be working everyday (in Tech)- three days of not working will result in lowering students grade a half grade. Ex.- If a student earned a B grade but did not work for three days during the quarter she/he will receive a B- for their final grade.

Classroom Rules

   1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
   2. Be in class and seated when the bell rings. You get 3 tardies with no consequences for the quarter. All following tardies will result in a clean-up job in the shop to be done during that class period.
   3. Walk, don’t run in the shop/computer lab.
   4. Clean up all class/lab work before leaving. Instructor will dismiss the class. NOT the bell.
   5. Ask permission before leaving classroom.
   6. Follow all safety rules.

Classroom Consequences:

   1. Warning.
   2. Loss of points/assigned a clean-up job.
   3. Detention - After or before school with instructor. One half hour.
   4. Detention and call home.
   5. Send to vice-principal and #4.

* Any student who is determined to be unsafe to either themselves or other persons will be removed from the class at the instructors discretion.