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Audrey Perry

Go Science!

8th Grade Science

Mission for the Class:

To encourage students to continually ask questions about their environment and how things work, and to give students the means and enthusiasm to seek out the answers, either through information-gathering or hands-on experimentation. Don't take your world for granted!

What's Happening in 8th grade Science? (As of 4/20/2017)

Welcome! This year of 8th grade science will include study of the FOSS curricula "Populations and Ecosystems" (including my favorite thing: genetics!), "Force and Motion", and "Planetary Science", in that order. Please check back here for updates to Test Learning Targets and downloadable handouts/readings from class.  I look forward to a fun year of scientific inquiry and enthusiasm!

For more information on these FOSS kits, please go to FOSSweb.com, and login using the username "moonperry" and the password "Science1" (these are case-sensitive).

If you're checking this website because you were absent and want to know what you missed, please email me at aperry@osd.wednet.edu for a detailed description of the expectations. You have as many days to make up the missed work as you were absent for.

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Date of Release: April 20, 2017                                                                                                                             


Water Resources Stewardship through Art

Do you love art, care about protecting and conserving Olympia’s water resources, and want a chance to win prizes? Then the 2018 Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Water Conservation Calendar Art Contest is for you!

All Olympia School District students enrolled in grades 6-8 are invited to create original artwork depicting their ideas and passion for water stewardship. Artwork should reflect your interest in one of 12 key messages to be conveyed in our 2018 water resources stewardship calendar. Twelve pictures will be selected, one for each month of the year. Winning students will receive a $50 Amazon gift card, a pizza party, and recognition at a City Council meeting this fall.

Art submissions are due by May 19! Go to olympiawa.gov/calendarcontest for complete rules, key messages, and get your official art contest entry form.

Learning Targets for Tests: (Oldest to Newest)

1. Earth/Sun Test, on April 18th (Tuesday)

Please be aware that tests/quizzes with a score lower than 85% can be retaken within one week of receiving the graded test back, and every time a test is handed back, a parent signature is homework for that night, due the following day. Students who retake tests must present their original graded test at the time of retake.

Handouts: (Listed newest to oldest. Please note: This is not a complete list of all assignments, it just serves as a place to post things that students may need to access in order to complete certain assignments at home.)

*"Seasons on Earth" reading pages and question sheet. Answer the questions in your Science Notebook. Due Wednesday, 3/29

*Moon Log

*Parent Letter, 8th grade Science

*Safety Contract

Additional Pop/Eco Websites:

Additional Force and Motion Websites:

  • Phet Simulation: Collision Lab
  • Fantastic Contraption: A really addictive game that has you building "contraptions" using wheels and sticks to try and move a ball from the "start" to the "goal". Great for teaching physics and engineering

Additional Planetary Science Websites:

Other Websites:

  • Cell Game: A fun, educational game where you are a cell and have to figure out how to move and gather energy needed for life!

  • Periodictable.com: This site has an interactive Periodic Table of the Elements on it. This site has updated information on all the known elements (there are 117 of them last time I checked), including the new names of some of the new elements, uses, dates of discovery, and other weird trivia. You can buy great posters here, too!

  • PeriodicVideos.com: This site contains many videos for chemistry enthusiasts.  It has videos relating to specific elements on the periodic table; if you want to see how Potassium reacts in water, or what you can do with Mendeleevium, this is the site for you!

  • Thinkgeek.com: This is where I buy all my favorite science toys. If you like nerdy toys, then this is the site for you. :)

Wish List:

  • Old Tools (Hammers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, etc...
  • Animal Bones (I know, creepy...)

Teacher's Contact Information:

email: aperry@osd.wednet.edu

Voicemail: (360) 596-3016

Direct: (360) 596-3057

Teacher's Schedule:

8:15-9:13am       1st Pd.     8th Grade Science

9:18-10:14am     2nd Pd.    8th Grade Science

10:17-11:15am   3rd Pd.     Planning 

11:18-12:15pm   4th Pd.    8th Grade Science

12:15-12:45pm         Lunch

12:48-1:46pm     5th Pd.     8th Grade Science

1:49-2:47pm      6th Pd.      8th Grade Science

About Mrs. Perry:

Audrey Perry hails from the SF Bay Area in California, and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2001 with a Bachelor's degree in Genetics. She also studied German there, being of German ancestry and generally an enthusiast of all things German. She received her Masters in Teaching from Evergreen in 2005 and has been teaching at Washington Middle School ever since.

For fun, she plays the clarinet and drumset, can play some other instruments too (though not as well), enjoys soccer, and plays video games in her spare time (which is almost never). She's in the Olympia Chamber Orchestra and the American Legion Band on clarinet. She likes movies, comics, and learning how to do weird things. She has volunteered at the Berkeley Free Clinic in California as a counselor around the risks/prevention of hepatitis, and collected blood samples and administered vaccines in that capacity. She has also volunteered for the Thurston County Coroner's Office as a Deputy Reserve, but had to quit that once her kids were born -- she has three sons: a six-year-old named Thurston, a four-year-old named Dashiell, and a toddler named Bastian. (Also two dogs, three birds, and some fish!) She is always interested in learning more about her students, so if you want to chat it up about anything, drop by after school!