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Great Pyramid of Khufu: El Giza, Egypt : Great Buildings Online
Description of the Great Pyramid of Khufu follows a listing of attributes, and is then backed up by images, 3D model, site plan drawing, and bibliography.

Kidipede-- History for Kids: Egyptian Pyramids
Contains a brief history of the Egyptian Pyramids written for younger students. Also contains a few pictures of them and links to related information.

Welcome to Rigby's World of Egypt
Huge comprehensive site containing over 130 pages on everything to do with Egypt. Click on a link to go to the topic of your choice.

Kidipede-- History for Kids: Ancient Egypt
Contains information about Ancient Egypt written for younger students. Discusses a variety of topics including the environment, religion, government, art, food, and more. Check out the historical timeline for an overview of the period.

Cleveland Museum of Art:

EgyptomaniaStudents are just naturally curious about mummies, pyramids, and other mysteries of ancient Egypt. The Cleveland Museum of Art has provided an excellent page of interesting, easy-to-understand facts about Egyptian life that can augment the typical textbook entries. The Museum has included a page highlighting the animals that were around during those ancient days that were depicted by the Egyptians in their paintings and sculpture. A clickable quiz, an Egyptomania Coloring Book, and an activity consisting of building a Pharaoh makes this an excellent website for the students to explore.

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
An Ancient Egypt website by a nationally known teacher that includes, history, creative writing by students, lesson plans, and links to other sites.

Guardian's Spotlight: Interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass

The transcript of an interview with one of the world's greatest experts on the Pyramids of Giza. Hawass provides detailed information on the latest discoveries.

Thinkquest: Great Pyramids

Site created by students to describe the mysterious pyramids at Giza. Provides information on location, pictures, and links to other wonders of the world.

Great Buildings: Ancient Egyptian Architecture

This site provides links to the great pieces of architecture found in Egypt.

Cobblestone Publishing Company: Ask Dr. Dig!
This cool site is from "Dig" magazine at the Cobblestone Publishing Company. A collection of questions about all kinds of archaeology that have been answered by a real archaeologist. If your question isn't here, you can submit it to Dr. Dig!

The Brain Rummager: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Research the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and use the information at this website to begin your work. An activity for gifted students studying history, art, mythology, and Ancient Greece.

British Museum: Temples
Explore some temples in Egypt and the mysteries that surround them. Students learn about the parts of the temple, why each of these parts is important, and why temples were built the way they were.

Tate Britain (Museum): Make a Mask
Six examples of masks for your students to create, including Punchinello, Circe, Queen Elizabeth, and others. This site also contains a paragraph about the inspiration behind each mask, and a template to print. Be sure to click on the "gallery of masks" at the bottom to view students examples.

Egyptian Symbols: Symbol List Egypt
This site proves to be a useful site which depicts frequently used Egyptian symbols; clicking on the symbol will provide its meaning and usage. The site also includes a glossary of Egyptian mythology.

Egyptian Mythology
A comprehensive list of deities and terms of Egyptian mythology.

Deurer / Symbol List
This website from Deurer has "the most frequently used Egyptian symbols," and by clicking on them, you can get the definition and name of the symbol.

Windows to the Universe: Myths About the Sun

This site provides links discussing many of the sun myths of ancient societies. Includes a link to a page discussing the Ulysses mission to investigate the sun.

Mythic Imagination Institute: The Big Myth

Created as an experimental online textbook, this site provides animated stories of creation myths from around the world. Using Flash, the myths are told with an overview of culture and a series of learning exercises. Complete instructions on how to use this marvelous site can be found in the teachers' guide section. Available in English and Dutch.

Windows to the Universe: Geb
This site outlines the ancient Egyptian myth in which Geb, the Earth god, and Nut, the sky goddes, marry without the approval of the powerful Sun god, Re.

Windows to the Universe: Mythology Hangman
Test your knowledge of world mythology by playing Mythology Hangman, a Java applet and website that features images, maps, and descriptions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. It is a great resource to supplement mythology reading for any grade level.

Cleopatra - A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World

From The Art Institute of Chicago, this terrific website shows us life in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome -- all through their artwork. Beautiful images, video and audio clips, plus lesson plans showing how to use this material at all grade levels.

PBS: Egypt's Golden Empire

PBS provides a fascinating glimpse of Egypt's New Kingdom, arising "more than one thousand years after the pyramids were built." Concentrating on the lives of seven pharaohs (one of them a woman), the site includes a timeline, lesson plans (on Egyptian Daily Life, Pharaohs, and Beliefs), and information on the making of PBS's "Egypt's Golden Empire" TV series. Visually impressive, with great pictures of pharaohs, artifacts, reenactments, and more.