7th Grade CBA Help

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7th Grade CBA Help

Here's a collection of research links plus Primary Source websites to  help
you with your CBA.

The Society's Collection Catalog includes information about and
media for many
different kinds of artifacts, images, manuscripts, maps,
ephemera, letters,
diaries, film clips and digital collections.

Put your research topic in the search box and click "Advanced
1. Washington State Historical Society -- Collections Catalog

The Treaty Trail: U.S. -Indian Treaty Councils in the Northwest

Examine treaty negotiations in early Washington Territory,
following in the footsteps of governor Isaac Stevens, artist Gustav Sohon, and
the native peoples who were displaced in the process. Complements the WSHS
TravelingExhibit "Northwest Treaty Trail: 1854-1856."

Click on "Treaties" and then "Treaty Timeline"

DEC 26, 1854: Medicine Creek Treaty
JAN 22, 1855: Treaty of Point Elliot
JAN 26, 1855: Treaty of Point No Point
JAN 31, 1855: Treaty of Neah Bay
FEB 24 - 27, 1855: Chehalis River Treaty Council
JUN 9, 1855: Treaty with the Walla Walla, Cayuse and Umatilla
JUN 9, 1855: Treaty with the Yakima
JUN 11, 1855: Nez Perce Treaty
JUL 9, 1855: Treaty of Hell Gate
OCT 17, 1855: Treaty with the Blackfeet
DEC 5, 1855: Spokane Treaty Council
JAN 25, 1856: Quinault Treaty

2. Washington State Historical Society --The Treaty Trail

Read the entire text of the Nez Perce Treaty.  Downloadable in
PDF format.
3. Nez Perce Treaty

Links to:

Treaty of Medicine Creek, 1854

Treaty of Point Elliott, 1855

Treaty of Point No Point, 1855

Treaty of Neah Bay, 1855

Treaty with the Yakama, 1855

Quinault Treaty, 1856

Treaty with Walla Walla 1855

4. Governor's Office of Indian Affairs

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest history
5. Digital Collections for Washington State History

Put your topic's treaty in the search box and search for scanned
copies of
your treaty!
6. UW Library -- Digital Collections

Includes Washington's first newspaper, "The Columbian" from 1852-
53 and the
"Pioneer and Democrat" from 1854-57.
7. Washington State Newspapers

Historical images, scanned letters, treaties, oral histories, etc.
8. Washington State and Local History

9. National Archives Digital Vaults

Collection of Maps on Washington State, with a search box to
easily find the
map you need.
10. WSU's Digital Collection

Photographs, paintings, and art collections useful when
researching Washington
11. Washington State Historical Society

29 Washington State Tribes listed!
12. Tribal Information from the Governor's Office of Indian Affairs

Upholding a Compromise: The Unsolved Neah Bay Whaling Conflict:
An Essay by
History Day Winner Kendal Crawford.
13. Historylink.org

An article written about the May 17, 1999 first successful Makah
whale hunt in
more than 70 years.
14. Home of the Makah People

A viewpoint made by the Department of Anthropology at Pacific
Lutheran University.
15. Pacific Lutheran University

A 14-year-old's essay which won first place in the Junior
Division, Historical Paper Category, of the 2008 North Puget
Sound Regional History Day competition. Her essay, presented
here, is on the controversy over the Makah Tribe's  right to hunt
whales as specified in their treaty and as opposed by some
environmental groups.
16. Upholding a Compromise: The Unsolved Neah Bay Whaling Conflict:

This was a project done for History Day.  It contains numerous Washington
State history websites, links to photographs, statsitics, agencies, and more.
17. Washington State Historical Society

Find an alphabetical listing of Native Americans to find search results for
your related tribe.  Select the "Digital Copies" tab to view photographs or
scanned documents.
18.  National Archives: Native Americans

The Historical Newspapers in Washington project is part of the State Library's
effort to make its rare, historical resources for accessible to students,
teachers and citizens across the state.
19.  Historic Newspapers in Washington -- FREE