Weekly Updates

June 21:  Last day of school (yearbook signing/assembly)

June 18-20:  Comic Book unit (6th grade reflection) 
June 11-17:
Tiny House STEM mini-unit all week
June 3-10: Slam Poetry  mini-unit all week

Week of May 28-31: First Chapter Book Clubs all week
Monday: No school Memorial Day
Week of May 20-24:
Monday:  5th period testing (AM)
         PM classes (1, 6) 
               Text Structure Types SHOWDOWN
Tuesday:  6th period testing (AM)
         PM classes (1, 6) 
               Text Structure Types SHOWDOWN
Wednesday:  Infographics Lesson 3.7
        Questions 2 and 5
Thursday:  Creating our own Infographics (6th grade year review)
Friday:  Kindness Assembly/ Thank-you note card
Work on/ present Infographics

Week of May 13-17: Testing for SBA
Week of May 6-10

Monday:  Mix it/ Match it--Argumentative vocabulary
  Claims and controversy
Tuesday:  Library Check out
Wednesday:  Review of writing structures
        Test taking practice
Thursday:  ELA CAT test during all periods
     Please try not to miss class today and tomorrow
Friday:  ELA CAT test during all periods

Week of April 29- May 3
Monday: Philosophical Chairs - to be graded (in class only)with     Sports article
   Using reasons and evidence to support claim
   Discussion etiquette
Tuesday:   Activity 3.8:  Social Networking
  Organizing and communicating an argument        Questions 2-5 
  Philosophical Chairs - to be graded (in class only)
Wednesday:  Activity 3.8 continued: Trace and evaluate an argument (to be graded) due in class today
Thursday:  Speed Debating preparation
Friday:  Speed Debating

Week of April 22-26 All Explanatory Essay rewrites are due by 4/29
Monday:  Argumentative Essay: Should Metal Bats Be Banned From  Youth Baseball?  Author's purpose/bias  and reasons vs. evidence
Tuesday:  Q-Q-T:  suffixes, prefixes, and meanings
    Activity 3.4:  Most Dangerous Sport of Cheerleading
    Reasons and Evidence
Wednesday:  Structure of an argumentative essay and vocab terms
  Should Metal Bats Be Banned From Youth Baseball
Thursday:  Q-Q-T:  Suffixes, prefixes, and meanings
     Structure of an argumentative essay/group work
Friday:  Activity 3.4:  Pop Warner article (p. 185)
Reasons and evidence to support claim
Questions 11-15 and page 190

Week of April 15-19: Hook Stations and Presentation Groups
          All Explanatory Essay rewrites are due by 4/29
Week of April 8-12
Monday:  Explanatory Essay Mini-lesson:Transitional            sentences between paragraphs
      Team Interview
Tuesday:  Team Interview: Explanatory Essay
   Self/Peer Feedback 
Wednesday:  Explanatory Essays-- 
              Revise based on feedback
Thursday:  Hook stations/Presentation groups
Friday:  Hook stations/Presentation groups

Week of April 1-5  Spring Break!
Week of March 25-29

Monday:  Mr. Bushman here:  Thesis Statement
Tuesday:  How to write an overarching statement in introduction to
                    tie in thesis and answers the question
Wednesday: Mr. Bushman here (Expository Writing)
Thursday:  Mr. Bushman here (Expository Writing)
Friday:  Mr. Bushman here (Expository Writing)

Week of March 18-22
Monday:  Research for Unit 2EA 2--use a Springboard story
    Creating Topic Sentences for each body paragraph
Tuesday:   Lesson 2.19 Temple's Story
  Question 1
Wednesday:  Lesson 2.19 Synthesizing Temple's Story
           Creating a thesis statement
Thursday:  Temple Grandin Movie
Friday:  Temple Grandin Movie

Week of March 11-15
Monday:  Literary Vocabulary 
                  Schema building about Temple Grandin
Tuesday: Conducting research for EA 2
Wednesday:  MAP testing
Thursday:  MAP testing
Friday:  Lesson 2.19:  Synthesizing Temple's Story
      Creating a thesis statement

Week of March 4-8

 Monday:  Lesson 2.17 Saying Farewell to a Faithful Pet (Marley)

                  Trailer of Marley and Me to build schema

                  First Read

 Tuesday:  Lesson 2.17 Second Read Questions using text                                  evidence to support answers

 Wednesday:  Lesson 2.18 Dogs Make Us Human

                         Identifying main idea and supporting details

 Thursday:  Lesson 2.18 continued…

                    Second Read questions

                    making connections through research
                    All re-writes for Explanatory Response due today

 Friday:  Ish lesson – revisiting Four pillars of engagement

Week of February 25-March 1
Monday (25):  Soft Start/ reflect on engagement

                  Book Speed Dating (book choice/engagement)

Tuesday (26):  Unpacking Unit 2 EA 2

                   Vocab (Q, H, T)

                   Do/ Know chart

Wednesday: Soft Start: reflect

                       Lesson 2.14  Explaining and Interpreting Change (pages 138-139)

 Thursday:  Soft Start: reflect

                      Lesson 2.16  Traveling With Charley

                     strategy: diffusing

                     vocab:  pandemonium, ambled, tranquility
      All re-writes for Diction Paragraph due today

 Friday:    Lesson 2.16 continued: 

                 second read questions and working from the text

                  Library Check Out

Week of February 4-8
Monday:  Lesson 2.9 Theme 
   Read chapter 32
Tuesday:  Read W.T.M. chapters 33-35
               Library check out
Wednesday:  Identifying Internal/External Forces 
                    Read chapters 36-37
Thursday:  Discuss Plot and Subplot for W.T.M. (text evidence/commentary)
                 Read chapters 38-40
Friday:  Finish W.T.M.
            Final thoughts/reflection of synthesis of the book

Week of January 28-February 1
Monday:  Lesson 2.8 Analyzing Author's Use of Diction
               Read chapter 22
Tuesday:  Lesson 2.8 continued
               Read chapters 23-26
Wednesday:  What is the difference between commentary and text evidence?
                    Read chapter 27
Thursday:  Lesson 2.6 How setting relates to theme.
                 Read chapter 27-28
Friday:  W.T.M. discussion groups
             Read chapters 29-31 and write in double-entry journal

Week of January 21-25
 Monday:  No school in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  

  Tuesday:  Read chapters 14-17

                   Library check out
Wednesday: L
esson 2.7 Questioning (review)

                     Read WTM (chapter 13 together)

                     Write 3 questions and answers (one of each level)

                      Fan and Pick Strategy
Thursday: Aesthetic Experience Lesson
                   Something Beautiful picture book
   Identifying aesthetic experiences in W.T.M. and Flipped
                   Writing about your own aesthetic experience

 Friday:  Lesson 2.7 continued Discussion Groups (p.113-115)

                     Read chapter 18-19


Week of 14-18

 Monday:  Lesson 2.4 continued

                   Read chapters 4-6

                   Graphic organizer page 104

 Tuesday: Soft Start:  Read chapters 7-8

                   Lesson 2.5 Mapping the journey/plot and subplot

                   Film clips of UP

 Wednesday:  Lesson 2.5 continued

                          Read chapters 9-10

 Thursday:  Aesthetic Experiences to enhance engagement

 Friday:  Read WTM and use double entry journal (model)

               Read aloud chapter 13

               They can read up to chapter 19

Week of January 7-11

Monday:  Lesson 2.1:  Unpacking Unit 2 Embedded Assessment 1 (Explanatory Essay)
Tuesday:  Lesson 2.2:  Forces of Change/ UP Clips
    Focus on internal and external forces
Wednesday:  Lesson 2.2 continued
        How to write a topic sentence/commentary (p.98)
Thursday:  Lesson 2.3 Walk Two Moons chapter 1
           Introducing the Double-entry journal
Friday:  Characterization Lesson using Verdi
             Lesson 2.4: Characterization in Walk Two Moons

Week of January 3-4  Welcome Back!  It's 2019!
All Narrative re-writes are due by January 10th.  Please fill out reflection portion of grading sheet and turn in to the "turn in box" to be regraded.

Thursday:  Flipped Movie (Narrative must be completed in order to watch.)

Friday:  Flipped Movie

Week of December 17-18: 

Monday: Flipped
               Library Check out

Tuesday: Flipped 
          Editing/revising narratives

Week of December 10-14 Presentation/Hook Stations all week
Monday:  Self/Peer Feedback on Narratives
    How to give good feedback/Actions to take when given feedback lesson

Tuesday:  Hook station A:  Building Schema Road Map lesson

Wednesday:  Hook Station B: Questioning the text--question types
     Voices In The Park
Thursday:  Hook Station C:
Pronoun Usage/agreement grammar lesson
                   Previewing the novel Walk Two Moons

Friday:  Make Stations

Week of December 3-7  Narrative Writing Week

 Monday:  Narrative Plot elements/planning sheet to pre-write for narratives


Tuesday: Mini-Lesson:  Narrative beginnings (p.84 The Fun They Had
read paragraphs 1-8 and answer/discuss question 1)

                 Write beginning of Narrative


Wednesday: Mini-lesson:  Characterization page 89

                        Use picture book Verdi as a mentor text

                        Write Narrative focus on characterization


Thursday:  Mini-Lesson:  Dialogue to move the story along

                   Write Narrative and check your dialogue

Friday:   Mini-Lesson:  Narrative Endings

               Write Narrative ending

   Narrative due Monday, December 10

Week of November 26-30
Monday:  Lesson 1.14 Eleven
    Questions 1-6 (SHOWDOWN)

Tuesday:  Flipped
     Library check out

Wednesday:  Lesson 1.15 Treasure of Lemon Brown

Thursday:  Hot Cocoa for periods 5 and 6
The Treasure of Lemon Brown--inference and theme
      Inference paragraph due by Wednesday, December 5

Friday:  Hot Cocoa for periods 1, 2, and 4
  The Treasure of Lemon Brown--inference and theme
  Inference paragraph 
due by Wednesday, December 5

Week of November 19-23

Monday:  Lesson 1.14 continued
Tuesday:  Thankful metaphors lesson

Wednesday-Friday:  Thanksgiving Break--No School

Week of November 12-16

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Library lesson –Scavenger hunt (all period)
     Theme paragraphs due!  

Wednesday:  TED-ED Talk—gender/stereotypes

                    Perspective Bending/engagement lesson

Thursday:  TED-ED Talk discussion (2nd part)

                 Goals for 2nd quarter. (Find yours, reflect,  and write a new one.)

 Friday:  Lesson 1.14 Eleven (p.71) First read

            Identify plot elements with a partner


Week of November 5-9
Monday:  Climate/Connectedness survey
                Plot Elements
Tuesday:  Lesson 1.12 Plot Elements in a fairy tale
Wednesday:  Lesson 1.13 Daedalus and Icarus
    Plot elements of exposition, character development, and conflict
Thursday:  Lesson 1.13 continued-- Theme in Daedalus and Icarus
Theme paragraph due by November 13th. 
Friday:  Early Release (end of semester grading)
           Veterans Day assembly
Week of October 29- November 2

Monday:  Unpacking Unit 1 EA 2 (lesson 1.10)
                Flipped read aloud
Tuesday:  Lesson 1.11 What's in a Short Story? Thank You, M'am
         Library Check Out
Wednesday: Lesson 1.11 continued
Thursday:  Plot Elements foldable/definitions
Friday: Lesson 1.12 Plot Elements

Week of October 22-26 (Conference Week) Students have half- day 

Monday:  Writing a reflection for learning, survey, and
Tuesday:  Periods 1, 2, and 3 only
        Identifying characterization in independent reading
Wednesday:  Safety 
Thursday:  Periods 4, 5, 6 only
       Identifying characterization in independent reading
Friday:  Safety/Nitro Ball/ Learning Disabilities rotations

Week of October 15-19
Monday:  Personal Narrative mini-lesson: How to write a reflective ending
Tuesday: Personal Narrative mini-lesson:  revising/editing and peer feedback
Wednesday:  Flipped read aloud/ Self-reflection for conferences
                    Personal Narratives Due
Thursday:  Feedback:  How to give quality feedback and what to do with feedback
     Writing conferences
Friday:  How to write a reflection/writing conferences

Week of October 8-12
Monday:  Springboard Lesson 1.6 continued -- descriptive language /identifying IRR      
               Mindfulness assignment due (Re-do's are excepted until Oct. 22)
Tuesday:  Personal Narrative pre-write:  focusing on a small moment
           Library check out
Wednesday:  Introductions/hook AQQS
                      Begin writing Personal Narrative
Thursday:  Introductions/identifying type of hook used AQQS
                   writing Personal Narratives
Friday:  No School for Students/Professional Day

Week of October 1-5

Monday:  MAP testing
Tuesday:  MAP testing
Thursday:  Springboard Lesson 1.4 My Superpowers (incident, response, and reflection)
           Focusing on the "language of emotion"
Friday:  Springboard Lesson 1.6  The Jacket   (Vivid Verbs)
            Inferences assignment due  

Week of Sept. 24-28
Monday:  Inferring character mindset and citing evidence to support it. (Inferring assignment      given)
         Read to self/ conferring
Tuesday:  PAWS instruction
         Library check out
Wednesday:  Springboard lesson 1.1-- Unpacking EA 1 Unit 1
Thursday:  Building Schema:  Rafael and Ricardo story
                 Springboard Lesson 1.2-- The Circuit
Friday:  Lesson 1.2 continued

Week of Sept. 17-21
Monday:  Engagement--What is it?  What is the difference between compliance, participation,
               and engagement.  
Tuesday:  BHH -  14 Cows For America
Wednesday:  BHH -- Hard At Work
  What it means to be actively engaged discussion
Thursday:  BHH -- The Story of Rafael and Ricardo
           How do you re-engage?
Friday:  BHH -- The Other Side

Week of Sept. 10-14

Monday: Reading Identity survey
   Bookswap lesson
Tuesday:   How to choose a book that is right for you
                Text complexity assessment given/ I will confer with you about it.
Library check out
Wednesday: Does it match? lesson
       What do I do when I don't understand the text?
Thursday:   Lesson: What is a responsive reader?  What is a responsible reader? 
Picture book:  What Do You Do With A Problem?
Goal setting (personal and reading)
Friday:   Book, Head, Heart lesson
Picture book:  14 Cows For America
Week of Sept. 5-7
Wednesday:  First Day of School
Focus: What it means to be a reader and a thinker.
Mindset lesson:  Leaning In and Leaning Out
Picture book:  Ish
Thursday:  Leaning In and Leaning Out Scenario/discussion
     Annotating:  Poem and Syllabus
     Parent survey due Tuesday (11th)
Friday:      Reading Identity--to get to know yourself as a reader

August 28:  Orientation 
7th/8th grade:  9:00-12:00
6th grade:  1:00-4:00