2020-21 School Year Information

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2020-21 School Year Information

Hello Washington Middle School Families!

Since the Olympia School District has made the determination that we will start with an online distance learning model, we have been working to make our student experience as rich and positive as possible. Over the course of the summer, our teachers have been taking classes and diving into best practices in how to develop the most effective online instruction. We are confident that your students will greatly benefit.

With that in mind, and as we prepare for our first day of school on September 9th, we wanted to send you updated information on our online distance learning model. 

We recognize that this fall is very different than any beginning of the school year we have ever experienced. It is our goal to make sure your students will be receiving a high level of education and that they are feeling connected and supported in every class!

WMS Distance Learning Schedule 2020-21
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:15-8:45 Office Hours Office Hours
-PLC -Department meeting -Staff meeting -Grade Level meeting -Asynchronous Lesson Creation
Office Hours Office Hours
8:45-9:45 1st Period 4th Period 1st Period 4th Period
9:45-10:00 Transition Transition Transition Transition
10:00-11:00 2nd Period 5th Period 2nd Period 5th Period
11:00-1:00 Student Lunch Student Lunch Student Lunch Student Lunch Student Lunch
1:00-1:30 Advisory Advisory Advisory Check In Advisory Advisory
1:30-1:45 Transition Transition
Office Hours
Transition Transition
1:45-2:45 3rd Period 6th Period 3rd Period 6th Period
2:45-3:15 Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours


Our first school day is Wednesday, September 9th and will follow the schedule below so students will be able to spend some time with all of their teachers via ZOOM on the very first day. ZOOM links will be sent to student and parent emails.








1st Period









2nd Period








5th Period


3rd Period








6th Period


4th Period





Teachers will be meeting with your students live via ZOOM twice per week for subject content during the times listed above. In addition to those synchronous class experiences with teachers, students will also have asynchronous learning opportunities to pursue at their own pace. Additionally, all students will be meeting from 1:00-1:30 with their advisory teacher to help meet social, emotional, and academic needs. All classes and advisory are required for all students.

*Student Schedules will be available on September 1st on Skyward’s Family Access.*

Chromebooks: If your child is coming to us as a 6th grader and has a district-issued Chromebook from last year OR if your child does not have a district issued Chromebook, please schedule a time with the Olympia School District Technology Department to pick up the WMS model. Click here to set that up.

Technology Help Desk for students and families: If you need assistance with chromebook issues or wifi access, please contact the Help Desk at 360-596-8530.

Schoology Assistance: Schoology will be the single learning management platform for all teachers at WMS. Help with login or other troubles, can be found here.

Basic Supplies for ALL grade levels

  • large binder or zipper organizer
  • #2 pencils
  • ruler
  • pencil pouch
  • graph paper (cm preferred)
  • college ruled paper - 2 packs
  • pens - black, blue, red
  • 3 different color highlighters
  • combination lock (#'s only) for PE locker and/or musical instrument locker
  • wired headphones/earbuds for Choir, Orchestra and Band

Grade level specific supplies

6th grade

  • basic calculator
  • colored markers or pencils

7th grade

  • scientific calculator
  • spiral notebook (college rule)

8th grade

  • 2 spiral notebooks (college rule)

If accessing supplies creates difficulty, please contact the office or your child’s counselor (for last names A-Le, tcusack@osd.wednet.edu, last names Li-Z, sduerre@osd.wednet.edu)  We will be more than happy to help you get the needed supplies. 


Attendance Information- Attendance will be taken daily for all classes as students log in to Schoology. There will be a question about how they are doing generally and then how it is going in each class. There will be a space for students to write specific comments, and these will be reviewed by office staff. If a student is absent, a robocall will be made the following day, unless a parent has called in and excused the absence. The attendance line is 360-596-3003.

Athletics - All sports will be postponed until at least January.  

Breakfast and Lunch Information - Between the months of March and August, our district’s child nutrition team provided over 157,000 grab and go meals at elementary schools, apartment complexes, and parks. These meals were provided at no cost to students and families through federal government assistance. 

Unfortunately, the federal government has not yet provided the authorization to continue the grab and go program. Because of this, starting in September, schools districts are having to revert to a more typical meal distribution design.  At this time, the district’s plans are not complete.  However, at a minimum, there will be grab and go meals from all elementary schools, Jefferson Middle School and ORLA.  Students will enter their lunch account code as they move through the line to pick up their meal.  Students that are eligible for free/reduced lunch will be charged accordingly. Students can pick-up/buy a lunch and breakfast for the next day, or only a lunch. A full price lunch is $3.10, and reduced lunch is $.40. Breakfast is $1.80 or free for students on free/reduced. Students can go to any school that is distributing meals, they are not required to go to their nearest school. If the student does not know their lunch account number, they can leave their name as they go through the line. An ID will be required to prove that they are an OSD student. No child will be turned away. 

Please continue to watch the websites for updates and announcements regarding the specifics of meal distribution, we are still in the process of designing our meal distribution program and advocating for the flexibility that we had this spring to offer free meals near our students’ homes.

If you think your family may qualify for free or reduced lunch, please fill out an application linked through Skyward.  


  • This fall we will not be hosting an in person orientation due to Covid19 restrictions. We will instead have a virtual orientation for students and families. We will be sending out further information about this as we finalize the details.
  • School supply pick up will be scheduled the first week of school. We are trying to eliminate as many required materials as possible that students would be needing for online instruction.
  • Specific details and ZOOM links for the first day of school will be shared with families after schedules have been released.