Information for 8th graders and their families-UPDATED 4/13

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Information for 8th graders and their families-UPDATED 4/13

8th Graders and 8th Grade Families Important Updates and Changes

If you missed the High School and Beyond presentations or would like to review the information, please see the links below:

HSBP 8th grade Lesson Presentation Slides 

HSBP 8th grade Lesson Video - How to complete the assigned HSBP tasks 

Please review the following changes/updates to 8th to 9th grade transition activities highlighted in yellow:

Other important 8th to 9th grade transition dates: 

Olympia High School counselor video explaining registration process will be shown in regularly scheduled social studies classes.

April 12th (periods 1, 2 & 3) - 1st (8:30-9:20), 2nd (9:25-10:15) or 3rd (10:20-11:10).

April 13th (periods 4 & 6) – 4th (8:30-9:20) or 6th period (10:20-11:10)


April 14th, 6-7:30pm -OHS Welcome Night (for students and families)  (this is an addition of a web link)



April 15th, 8:00am  (this is a date/time change)  –Washington MS Q & A (with OHS counselors for students and families to ask any follow-up registration questions).

Join Zoom Meeting

ID: 84321343329

Additional information/link below (added on 4/13)

If you have more questions, use this link which has important dates, the slideshow and registration information. It also includes the link for out of area/transfer students to apply for OHS.


April 19th  2021, -Registration due.