Teacher/Family Conferences

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Teacher/Family Conferences

WMS parent/teacher conferences will take place via scheduled ZOOM meetings starting Tuesday, October 26th. Below are the instructions for scheduling the conference times with your student’s teachers through Family Access. The sign up process will be available to families starting at 10am on Tuesday, Oct. 12th. Due to the limited number of conference appointments available, we ask that you choose one content (ELA, math, social studies, science) and one elective teacher. All teachers have posted Curriculum Night videos on the WMS web site that contain a great deal of information about their classes. This information may answer many of the questions you have about your student’s classes and how to help your student do their best in each class. After viewing these videos, you may decide that you don’t need to schedule a conference. Please keep in mind that conferences are not required.


*The process to schedule a conference with Ms. Troyer/Mr. Muller’s 6th grade science classes is different, all conferences for their classes can only be set up by contacting the WMS office at (360) 596-3000. Their conferences will be through ZOOM, only the scheduling of a conference is different.



How to sign up for a conference?

You will need a parent login and password for Skyward Family Access. If you don't have one, please see the WMS website, click on Skyward, and scroll down to read how to apply under "Skyward Family Access." You must have an email address on file with us in order to register for Skyward Family Access. If you don't, please call us, and we will add one.

  1. Schedule your conference by logging into Skyward Family Access through OSD's website. (Remember, your student's login and password won't work).C
  2. Click on Teacher Conferences in the menu on the left-hand side.
  3.  Choose All Conferences next to the student's name. 
  4.  Choose Select a Time next to the teacher you would like to conference with. 
  5.  Find the date and time slot you would like to schedule, and click Select.
  6.  Confirm your time choices by reviewing the information and click Save
  7. Please select one content-area teacher and one elective teacher.
  8. Your conference times have now been scheduled. 
  9. To change your conference times, click View Scheduled Times and Unscheduled and Save.
  10.  You can print out your scheduled times by clicking on the Print All Scheduled Conferences button.
  11. If you have more than one student at WMS, select your next student from the drop down box at the top of the screen and start again at step 3.
  12. All of the ZOOM links will be published on the WMS website beginning on Tuesday, October 26th in the Announcements section..

How do I attend conferences?

Each of our teachers will have a Zoom conference link on our WMS web site. When it is your scheduled turn to conference, click on the link for that teacher. Once in, you will enter the Waiting Room until it is your turn and the teacher will admit you into the conference. Each conference is set for 10 minutes in length.