Upcoming 2023 Spring Testing

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Upcoming 2023 Spring Testing

WMS will be conducting our annual spring testing in the coming months. The springtime MAP is for all grade levels and will be taken during April 24-28th in their ELA and math classes. 


The SBA will be for all grades but will follow the below testing schedule due to the length of the test. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will take the ELA PT and the math assessment. 8th grade students will also take the science assessment. These tests will be given when your student has that class. So science test in science class, math test in math class...etc. The ELA CAT assessment will be given in your student's social studies class. 


ELA PT,  math & 8th grade science will be given in corresponding classes. ELA CAT will be given in social studies classes.

Class Period Testing

Afternoon Classes

May 18th- Thursday

1 period (will meet periods 1-4) 


May 19th- Friday

2 period  (will meet periods 1-4)


May 22th- Monday

3 period  (will meet periods 1-4)


May 23th- Tuesday

4 period  (will meet periods 1-4)


May 24th- Wednesday

5 period  (will meet periods 1-4)


May 25th-Thursday

6 period  (will meet periods 1-4)