Welcome to Health/Computers 101! This class combines health, home economics, and computer skills.

Computer skills that will be taught throughout the semester are:

· How to save projects to a folder
· Sharing
· The many uses of Google Docs , Slides, Forms, and Sheets
· Improving “search” skills

· Creating “Works Cited” pages for projects

· Improved accuracy and speed in keyboarding using Typing Club

· Various projects such as Storyboard That and many more

Health Topics to be covered:

· Body Systems

· Drugs and Alcohol

· Nutrition

· FLASH (permission slips will be sent home later in the semester)

We will also have the opportunity to bake/cook different recipes throughout the semester. Cooking days will vary throughout the semester.


Students will have the opportunity to sew a project of their choosing. We will order kits using More information to come!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]