Language Arts

Language arts classes at WMS use the Springboard curriculum for reading, writing, speaking and listening. View the Common Core State Standards for further detail at each grade level.

6th Grade Language Arts (MS ELA 1)

In 6th Grade ELA at WMS, we will be reading a variety of texts in order to build comprehension. An emphasis will be placed on Comprehension Strategies to help students evoke more rigorous attention, reflection, and analysis of text. Students will experience choice in reading, shared reading using exemplar texts, and deep-thinking discussions. Students will learn the format and structure of various text types (narrative, expository, argumentative, and creative writing) through the writing process.

7th Grade Language Arts (MS ELA 2)

At WMS, 7th grade Language Arts will include reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language study. We will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction text in several ways - whole class novel sets, literature circles, paired, and independent reading. Students will engage in expository, argument, narrative and reflective writing, focusing on content, organization, style and conventions.

8th Grade Language Arts (MS ELA 3)