Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies

This is a multifaceted program which includes the integration of several areas. Our history program emphasizes ancient history and cultures of the eastern hemisphere. Assignments and activities will include world geography and current events throughout the year. The History Alive! curriculum will emphasize cooperative learning and interactive opportunities. Students take part in dramatizations, creative writing, note-taking, outlining, art projects while integrating learning about ancient civilizations.

7th Grade Social Studies

The first half of the year, students continue the study of world history. The focus will be on European Middle Ages and the Rise of Islam using the innovative and engaging History Alive! curriculum.

The second half of the year students survey the history of Washington State. Passing this class is a state requirement for high school graduation. We will explore geography and look at physical, political, and human impacts on the Pacific Northwest.

8th Grade Social Studies

8th grade covers US history up through the Civil War. The textbook used is History Alive! We cover geography, current events, and the Constitution. We also teach expository reading, writing, and research skills according to the Common Core.