Curriculum Night Teacher Videos

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Curriculum Night Teacher Videos

Welcome to WMS Curriculum Night virtually. Please click on your student's teacher's name below to view their video.  Be sure to select the teacher in the subject area that your student has since some teachers teach multiple subject areas. 


 6th Grade Teachers   7th Grade Teachers    8th Grade Teachers
 Language Arts   Language Arts   Language Arts
Ms. Arevalo   Ms. Arevalo   Ms. Arevalo
Ms. Copeland
  Ms. Copeland   Ms. Clear
Mrs. Gutierrez
  Mrs. Evans   Mrs. Woods
Mrs. Montgomery
  Ms. Rachel Roloff   Mr. Schofield
Mr. Schofield
  Mr. Schofield  

 Math   Math   Math
Mr. Pong   Mr. Baranski   Mr. Baranski
Ms. Chelsey Scheidemann   Mrs. Gallacher   Mrs. Hacker
Mrs. Wright   Mrs. Klein   Mrs. Klein
Ms. Yi   Mr. Pong   Mr. Pong
    Mrs. Wright    
 Science   Science   Science
Mrs. Jarmon   Ms. Burroughs   Mrs. McDougall
Ms. Troyer   Mrs. Morgan   Mrs. Perry
 Social Studies   Social Studies   Social Studies
Mr. Bond   Mrs. Evans   Mr. Brewer
Ms. Copeland   Mrs. Hacker   Mr. Normoyle
Mrs. Sembroski   Mr. Wills  
Ms. Yi  
 Specialists   Specialists   Specialists
Mrs. Mathis - Library   Mrs. Mathis - Library   Mrs. Mathis - Library
Ms. Arevalo -Social/Academic   Ms. Arevalo - Social/Academic   Ms. Arevalo - Social/Academic
Mrs. Brown - Choir   Mrs. Brown - Choir   Mrs. Brown - Choir
Mr. Coyner - Beg. Digital Communications   Mr. Coyner - Digital Communications   Mr. Coyner -Digital Communications
Mr. Holder - Band   Mr. Coyner - Graphic Communications   Mr. Coyner - Graphic Communications
Mrs. Holstrom - Art   Mr. Coyner - Video Productions   Mr. Coyner - Video Productions
Ms. Sartori - Orchestra   Mr. Gallacher - P.E.   Mr. Gallacher - P.E.
Ms. Savinski - P.E.   Mr. Holder - Band   Mr. Holder - Band
Mrs. Sembroski - Health   Mrs. Holstrom - Art   Mrs. Holstrom - Art
Mr. Viggers - P.E.   Mr. Morris - Tech Arts   Mr. Morris - Tech Arts & Marketing
Mr. Wills - Beg. Digital Communications   Mr. Normoyle - P.E.   Mr. Normoyle - P.E.

  Mr. Randich - P.E.   Mr. Randich - P.E.

  Ms. Sartori - Orchestra   Ms. Sartori - Orchestra

  Ms. Savinski - Wellness   Ms. Savinski - Wellness
    Mr. Viggers - Robotics   Mr. Viggers - Robotics