Upcoming 2024 Spring Testing

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Upcoming 2024 Spring Testing

WMS will be conducting our annual spring assessments in the coming months. The spring MAP is for all grade levels and will be taken April 22-24th in ELA and math classes. 


*Updated date - The spring Panorama survey will take place on April 24th in all Advisory classes.


The SBA will follow the testing schedule below allowing a three hour window for the assessment each day. All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will take two ELA assessments and one 2 part math assessment.  Eighth grade students will also take a science assessment. These assessments will be given when your student has the corresponding class. Science test in science class (8th grade only), math test in math class...etc. The ELA PT assessment will be given in ELA classes. The ELA CAT assessment will be given in your student's social studies class. 

The attached chart illustrates the schedule, as well as, listing afternoon classes that will meet each day.


ELA PT,  math & 8th grade science will be given in corresponding classes. ELA CAT will be given in social studies classes.

Class Period Testing

Afternoon Classes

May 13th- Monday

1st period (will meet 9:10-12:10) 


May 14th- Tuesday

5th period  (will meet 9:10-12:10)


May 15th- Wednesday

3rd period  (will meet 9:10-12:10)


May 16th- Thursday

4th period  (will meet 9:10-12:10)


May 17th- Friday

2nd period  (will meet 9:10-12:10)


May 20th- Monday

6th period  (will meet 9:10-12:10)