Curriculum Information

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The Washington Middle School Mission Statement

Washington Middle School is committed to creating a positive learning environment where organizational structures and processes promote academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, and social equity for all students.

Washington Middle School provides enriched curriculum to its students, as well as a safe and enjoyable environment in which to experience the joys of learning. At WMS, it is guaranteed that all students will be taught to the best of the staff's abilities. The students will have a complete understanding of their teachers expectations and requirements for each class.

WMS students' schedules are broken down into six periods each day. Each student has one period of music/elective and one of period of physical education, health, home economics, and shop every day. The rest of the day consists of reading/language arts, social studies, math, and science. WMS strongly believes in having many different learning opportunities for students.

Our classes follow the either the adopted Common Core Standards or a combination of the State EARL's & GLE's.