Supply Lists

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Basic Supplies for ALL Grade Levels:

Combo lock  (#s only) - for PE/Band/Orchestra Pens: (black, blue, red)

Pencils + hand-held sharpener Graph paper (cm preferred)

Erasers   College-ruled paper (2 packs)

Colored Pencils 3 single-subject spiral notebooks (college ruled)

Ruler 1 3-5 subject spiral notebook

Glue Stick 1 set subject dividers

1 box tissue to 1st period class

Hand sanitizer to 1st period class

1 container disinfectant wipes

Science notebook $4 (pay at orientation, receive 1st day in science class)

PE shirt $7 each (pay & receive at orientation)

Elective fee $15 (all students)

Grade Specific Supplies:

6th Grade:

Basic calculator

1 2” binder w/clear pocket on cover and inside of covers

7th Grade:

Scientific calculator

Index cards

1 pack 2x2 or 3x3 pop up notes

8th Grade:

Scientific calculator

1-2 black felt-tip pens

2-4 colored felt-tip pens

1 pack 2x2 and 3x3 pop up notes

Highlighters (3 different colors)