Our Flags That Fly

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Mrs. Mathis would like to introduce the "Our Flags That Fly" challenge. This program begins in the spring each year and is currently running.

If you can learn the 70 country flags that hang in the library, you will earn a prize, plus have your name engraved on a plaque that hangs in the library. The flags represent the homelands of our students' and staffs' ancestors. Here is a link to online flashcards to help you learn them. Or, ask to borrow the FLAGS binder, to help you memorize the flags. Once you know them, have Mrs. Mathis quiz you!

Here is a look at the key chain prize you can win. Choose between blue, red, or silver:

Blue and Pink keychains

Latest winners:  Mattias, Leon, Kellan, Liam and Cole!  Congratulations!