Coming Attractions

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Wondering when some of your favorite authors are coming out with their next book?

Coming Attractions...

Duel at Araluen (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Rangers #3) by John Flannagan (Released May 28, 2019)
Escape from the Isle of the Lost (Descendants Novel #4) by Melissa de la Cruz (Released June 4, 2019)
The Poison Jungle (Wings of Fire #13) by Tui T. Sutherland (Released July 30, 2019)
Code Like a Girl by Miriam Peskowitz (Released August 2019)
Guts by Raina Teigemeier (Released Sept. 17, 2019(
A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer (Released Oct. 1, 2019)
The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #3) by Tui T. Sutherland & Mike Holmes(Released Oct. 15, 2019)
Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #9) by Shannon Messenger (Released Nov. 5, 2019)