Media Classes

Bulldog Productions

Students in Bulldog Productions will produce a daily live video broadcast for viewing online by the school wide community.  They will be engaged in all facets of news production, having opportunities to perform the following tasks:

  • Preparing scripts for anchors and reporters

  • Presenting announcements and other informational segments during live broadcasts

  • Monitoring the sound board to maintain consistent audio output

  • Controlling the source board to live switch with animated transitions and titling between cameras and input devices

  • Running the teleprompters for on-air talent

  • Directing on-air talent between segments

  • Creating virtual sets and preparing pre-recorded media for use during live broadcasts

Additionally, students will create pre-recorded content for inclusion in live broadcasts.  Using cameras, iPads, microphones, and mobile lighting, they will create segments that are informative and engaging to our school wide community.  Students will use the following video editors to produce their final work:

  • iMovie

  • (an online editor)

  • Final Cut Pro X

  • Adobe Premiere CC

  • Camtasia (for video tutorials)

  • LumaFusion (an iOS app for use with iPads)

Visual Communications

Students in our Visual Communications class will be working to expand their technology skills with a focus on three primary concepts:

  • Developing research skills to properly acquire and cite materials found online

  • Gaining familiarity with a variety of online and desktop apps to digitally present learned material

  • Utilizing multiple resources to add creativity and understanding to one's presentation

During the year, students will be creating projects in the areas of multimedia, digital print publications, photo editing, graphic illustration, and video production. The following are some of the applications that they will be utilizing:

Multimedia:  Keynote/PowerPoint, Google Slides,,, & Scratch Animation (

Publications:  Adobe InDesign, Apple Pages, LucidPress, Google Docs, & Google Sites


Photo Editing and Graphic Illustration:  Adobe Photoshop,, & Adobe Illustrator


Video Production: iMovie,, LumaFusion app for iPads, & Final Cut Pro X

Yearbook & Print Publishing

Yearbook and Print Publications is a project based class in which students produce WMS’s yearbook.  Throughout the year, students will develop skills in the following Adobe CC applications: Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  Additionally, students will learn about elements of creative photography to enhance the visual content of our yearbook.


Along with the production of the yearbook, students will also contribute to our student magazine, The Bulldog Bark.  Adhering to essential journalism principles, they will write informative and engaging articles for our school wide community.  Students will utilize their knowledge of layout design to increase the visual impact of the magazine.


Lastly, students will develop designer/client relationships with teachers to create visually impactful posters for classroom display.  An emphasis will be placed upon communication between parties.  In process samples/drafts will be shared electronically for back and forth comments and modification approval.

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