WMS Inclusion Basketball - Thank You!

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Inclusion Basketball Game - Thank You
WMS Inclusion Basketball GameOn behalf of WMS, we thank you for your generous support of this game. This event was amazing! All the smiles, laughs, dancing, and cheering made this game so much fun for so many of our students, staff, families, and community members. It was truly one of the best days of school for many of us and it would not have happened without you and your support packing the bleachers, the stage, the walkways, standing along the wall...every spot was crowded. Your energy started with the first cheers for the introductions and lasted through the applause at the end of the game; you made this game special. Thank you! We are lucky to have such a wonderful community at WMS!

On Thursday, January 31st at 6pm WMS will hold our first ever Inclusion Basketball game. This game features our DLC students and peer mentors and we need the bleachers to be packed! This is a free event and everyone is invited to watch. So bring your spirit and Let's Pack the Gym!!